The World Scout Jamboree


Who are we?

The Largest youth organization on earth!

With more than 40 Million scouting members world-wide, in over 200 countries and territories, Scouting aims to help boys and girls achieve their full potential as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities, by:

  • Developing their leadership skills.
  • Developing their character.
  • Training them as responsible citizens, and keeping them healthy in mind, body and spirit.

At 1st Horison Scouts, we are strong believers in the ability of our youth to succeed. Our programming and activities are designed to help our youth reach their goals and fulfil their highest potential. We are proud of all our children, and love watching them grow into bright-minded and confident individuals. See how we’re involved in making a difference in our children’s lives.


Learning by doing!

The aim of Scouting is character training with the goal of helping participants become independent and helpful, and thereby become “healthy, happy, helpful citizens”.

The Scout method uses appealing games in the outdoors to generate challenges which a Scout learns to solve by himself. Through the training and the example of the leader, Scouts are taught independence, leadership, the ambition to learn by himself, and a moral code with positive goals.

The Scout method works naturally and unconsciously: naturally in the way that it follows the natural impulses of the Scout, and unconsciously because the Scout is not aware of the education. Hands-on orientation provides a practical method of learning and helps the Scout build confidence. Activities and games provide a fun way to develop skills and provide contact with nature and the environment when pursued in an outdoor setting.

Scouts learn in small groups to build unity and a brotherly atmosphere. Developing the characteristics of responsibility, self-reliance, self-confidence, and readiness, the Scouts eventually learn collaboration and leadership skills. An attractive program of varying activities expands a Scout’s horizons and bonds the Scout even more to the group.